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Side Street Menu

    Lunch Dinner
I-Thai Bun $8 $8

Open steamed bao bun served with a choice of pork belly or Tofu(VEGAN) with veggies (Bao can refer to several types of steamed bun; we’re talking about the open-sided kind, comparable in shape to a taco shell).


Beef Satay * $8 $8

Grilled Tender Strips of Marinated Beef on Skewers, Serve With a Side of Peanut Sauce & Cucumber Relish. Satay, Sate, Yakitori, Kebab, no matter what we call it, anytime you have meat on a stick can only mean YUM!!  

Hoi Jor * $9 $9

Fried bean curd paper stuffed with shrimp, pork, crab meat, and water chestnut served with sweet plum sauce. Crab sausage that was born in China and moved to Thailand.

By Udomsak ( born in Thailand ancestor from China )

Issan Sausage $8 $8

What makes Sai Krok ( Thai sour sausage ) so good? The same things that make Isaan food good in general: lime juice, fish sauce, sticky rice, and garlic. The sausage has an initial sour bite from the lime, then the garlic hits you.The rice keeps it chewy and not too heavy. 

Loook Chin Ping ** $8 $8

Thai Style meatballs in hot and sweet sauce! Meat on stick! The best idea ever!

Ha Gow $7 $7

A traditional Chinese dumpling serve in dim sum. Ha Gow literally means shrimp dumpling. No charge for teaching Chinese!

Sakoo Sai Moo $8 $8

Sakoo Sai Moo is a walnut sized ball of slightly chewy translucent steamed tapioca filled with seasoned ground pork.

Blanket shrimp * $8 $8

Shrimp wrapped in spring roll skin and deep fried, served with spicy plum sauce

Sunshine Pork * $7 $7

Marinated thin slices of oven-dried pork, fried to perfection, served with chili paste

Sweet Corn Fritter * VEGAN $7 $7

Sweet corn lightly battered serve with spring roll sauce. Simple but Delicious!!

Poh Pia Sod $8 $8

Unfried Spring Roll

Egg, sausage, bean sprout, cucumber wrapped in fresh spring roll skin (wheat) on top with crab meat.

Serve with tamarind sweet sauce. Salad Rolls in Wheat Skin.

All noodle dishes not serve with steamed rice                                                    Vegan dish   VEGAN

  Mild *                         Medium **                Thai Hot ***              Super Hot ****

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