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Side Street Menu

Served with daily soup

    Lunch Dinner
Khao Man Gai * $11 $13

Thai rice served with steamed chicken ( Khao Man Gai ) is a dish adapted from early Chinese immigrants originally from Hainan province. It is considered to be one of the national dish of Singapore. Chinese will call this dish Hainanese chicken rice.


Khao Man Gai Tod $13 $15

Khao = rice, Gai = chicken, Tod = fried

Khao Man Gai = Thai rice served with steamed chicken

Khao Man Gai Tod = Thai rice served with fried chicken. Teaching a little Thai while you are here.


Khao Moo Daeng $11 $13

Daeng = red

Basically it is a plate of rice topped with sliced red barbecue pork. Which we like to call a plate of deliciousness!!! Hopefully by this point your Thai language skills has improved!


Khao Sam Moo $13 $15

Sam = Three

A plate of rice serve with three different style of pork (Red BBQ, Crispy three layer belly, Chinese pork sausage). Oink! Oink! Oink!


Khao Moo Krob $11 $13

Krob = crispy

Rice! Pork! Crispy! Rice served with crispy three layer pork belly.

Khao Nua Ta Krai $13 $15

A plate of rice served with Thai style braised beef.

Khao Mok Gai $13 $13

Thai Rice Curry with chicken

Southern Thai cuisine gets its distinquished flavor from

Neighboring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Kakuni On Rice $13 $15

Japanese style braised pork belly in gravy serve with sour mustard, Chinese broccoli and egg on top of rice.

KAKUNI, which literally means “square simmered”.  The origin of this dish is most likely Chinese, making it a form of Japanese Chinese Cuisine, and it is similar to Dongpo Pork, though not as heavy in gravy.

King Fried Rice $14 $14

King Fried Rice

KhaoKhlukKapi: The best Thai dish you’ve never heard of! We dream of this dish! A one dish that unites all the flavor and texture in Thai cooking! Rice stir fry with shrimp paste and serve with thin omelet, fresh chili, thinly sliced shallot and choice of Chinese sausage, crispy deep fried dried shrimp or BBQ pork. King Size! (load it up with all the options, fit for king of the street )

Khao Pad Tom Yum ** $11 $13

Choice of beef, chicken, or pork or (veggies and tofu VEGAN)   (Add $3 for shrimp or seafood)  

Khao Pad Tom Yum

Love rice and love Tom Yum! So when you combine

The two a magically dish happens.

“Tom Yum Fried Rice: BOOYAH!!!

Emerald Fried Rice ** $11 $13

Green Curry mixed with Jasmine rice, Choice of beef, chicken, or pork or (veggie and tofu VEGAN)   (Add $3 for shrimp or seafood)

Khao Pad Keaw Wan

Green Curry Fried Rice

I’m pretty sure someone went home with some leftover of green curry, decided

to dump the leftover rice and think why don’t restaurant sell a dish like this.

Hello!!! (Sawadee in Thai) Hello, it’s me.  I was wondering why don’t restaurants sell Khao Pad Keaw Wan

I must have thought of this thousands times.  Sorry Adele Just called

Beijing Fried Rice $11 $13

Chinese sausage, egg, tomatoes, Chinese broccoli and scallions stir fried with Thai jasmine rice. 

Fried rice is as international as it can get. –Chaofan (Chaina) (boiled rice mixed with scallions and minced pork or shrimp and quickly scrambled with eggs)

  • Khao Pad (Thailand)
  • HtaminGyaw (Burma)
  • Yakimeshi (Japan)
  • Damn Good (Here) !!!!!!!!!!!!

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