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Side Street Menu

    Lunch Dinner
Pak Nam Prik $13

Thai Chili paste, sweet chili dip accompanied by fresh veggies. One of Thailand’s most iconic Dish! It is so common, we think it is not given the attention it deserve in Thai cuisine. By Debbie

Larb Gai Zaab ** $13

Crispy Chicken toss with onion, cilantro, roasted rice powder, green onion and spicy lime dressing (Larb (Issan / Laotian) Style Salad)

Street Wing $13

Crispy Chicken Wings serve with Asian Herbs (lemon grass, lime leaves, dried red pepper). Not your typical boring WINGS!!!

When Tiger Cry ** $18

Grilled marinated flank steak, steamed veggies with spicy fish sauce

Gai Yang $14

Grilled marinated chicken with Chef’s sauce on skewer

BBQ Pork * $17

Pork marinated overnight with chef’s seasoning, grilled, served with steamed veggies

Chicken Volcano * $18

Marinated whole Cornish game hen grilled to perfection, exotic herb sauce

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